Unshaven Hair Transplantation

In the FUE process, the scalp needs to be completely shaved. The aim of this study can be summarized as to see the area we will work on, to perform sterility better, to see the grafts in a healty way, to collect more grafts, to maket he direction and freguency of the opened channels more healty. These are important issues that determine the quality and future of good hair.

Many people who plan to have hair transplantation will postpone or avoid the procedure because the hair will be scraped before the procedure.The reason is that they do not want to see the bloody, wrapped image they are not used to or they are affected by it. The other reason is that people want to avoid questions from their social environment due to the sudden change in their physical appearance.

In our clinic we generally recommend shaved hair transplantation to our patient. But unshaved hair transplantation can be performedsuccessfully if it is appropriate and more reasonable fort he patient.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation:

  • Eliminating the shaving option that is problematic fort he person.
  • Quic return to social life.
  • Wounds remain hidden after surgery.

Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation:

  • It can be applied to a narrow space. Since the donor site is limited itiş difficult to collect enough grafts for sowing. If we need more than 1.000 grafts to cover the open area, unshaven hair transplantation would be unreasonable as not enough grafts can be taken.
  • More suitable for people suffering from hair loss in a small area due to trauma, burns or the like.
  • Long hairs abstruct the view of the working area, making it difficult  to determine the direction of planting.
  • When hair is not shaved, care and cleaning are difficult and the risk of infection increases. Folliculitis, called hair follicle inflammation is more common in unshaved hair transplantation.
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