Tummy Tuck

What is Tummy Tuck Aesthetics and Who Is It Suitable For?

Tummy tuck is the correction of stubborn fat tissues and sagging skin structure with plastic surgery despite diet and exercises. During tummy tuck aesthetics (abdominoplasty), excess skin and adipose tissue are removed and the abdominal connective tissue is tightened with stitches and a more taut, flat stomach is obtained. These operations are generally preferred by those with excessive fat in the belly area, those with saggy abdominal skin and those with a weak abdominal wall.

Loss of elasticity in the skin in the abdominal region and the causes that cause excessive lubrication in this region: excessive weight gain and loss, post-pregnancy, age-related deformations, body type and some abdominal surgeries can be counted. No matter how much diet and exercise such patients do, they cannot eliminate the deformation in the abdomen.

With tummy tuck, in addition to removing the fat in the abdomen, the cracks in the part below the belly button can be removed and the skin sagging formed here can also be corrected.

This operation should be decided after losing weight with diet and reducing the ideal weight. Because tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss procedure. During tummy tuck , only stubborn fat tissues in this area are removed.

For patients who want to have children, tummy tuck aesthetics should be postponed until after delivery. Because your vertical muscles will be stretched during abdominoplasty and these muscles may separate during pregnancy.

At the same time, tummy tuck is not recommended for people with serious chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, smokers, and those who have had some abdominal surgeries before. In addition, tummy tuck surgery is recommended for patients with a body mass index above thirty, after dieting and falling to the ideal weight.

Before deciding on this operation, which is suitable for both women and men, it is important to consult with your physician and get information about which tummy tuck surgery will be performed, whether you meet the necessary conditions for the operation, the risk and recovery process. We get very good results with our specialist doctors and male patients.

Partial or mini tummy tuck surgery is a less invasive procedure. It is also a more suitable method for patients with partial fat deposits just below the navel, that is, in the lower part of the abdomen. During this surgery, the location of the belly button is usually not changed. The healing process is faster and the operation can be performed with a smaller incision.

In complete tummy tuck operations, the procedure will be applied to all parts of the abdomen. A more taut abdomen will be obtained by shaping the skin, tissues and muscles. Since the excess skin tissue will be removed, your belly button will be relocated to a position where it will look natural. A larger incision scar will be formed compared to mini tummy tuck aesthetics. These incision scars in the bikini area are permanent, but will fade over time and take on the appearance of a pink line. This operation can take between two and five hours. Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.

In tummy tuck surgeries, the patient’s recovery process may take from two weeks to two months. The patient should avoid strenuous activity for a while and should not carry heavy loads and items that will damage the abdominal muscles. After the operation, the patient may be asked to use a corset (abdominal binder) for a while. With this corset, fluid accumulation can be prevented and it will also play a supportive role in the recovery of the abdominal muscles. It is normal to see swelling in the surgical area. It is recommended to use painkillers for a while for the pain that may occur.

Tummy tuck surgeries will give long-lasting results, provided that the patient pays attention to weight gain. The patient should follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Liposuction Surgery and Risk of Death

Liposuction surgeries are now one of the important and frequently performed operations of plastic surgery in the world. liposuction We observe that serious side effects such as death do not occur after surgery, especially if liposuction, which exceeds 5% of body weight , is not applied. However, there is no serious life-threatening risk in the surgeries performed with specially trained nurses and medical care staff in special centers for patients who will undergo significant fat removal. Apart from this, fatal side effects may occur with serious liposuctions to be performed in small hospitals on the outskirts with an inexperienced team.

When Does the Risk of Death Occur in Liposuction Surgery?

With the sudden removal of a significant amount of tissue from the body, side effects may occur, such as the extravasation of the fluid in the vein and the hypotension in patients, which may lead to shock. These can occur with inadequate post-operative care by completely inexperienced doctors and especially inexperienced personnel. Especially in patients who will undergo a certain level of surgery, surgical techniques to be performed in people who will undergo liposuction less than 5% of the body, and by replacing the fluid to be taken, which we call tumescent infiltration, vital risks do not arise after liposuction surgery. Other risks of the surgery, healing problems, tissue disorders, circulatory disorders may occur due to liposuction in the area. However, I can say that these serious side effects are rarely seen by an experienced team and with the use of new technological devices to be made. Completely liposuction surgeries are not life-threatening with an experienced doctor, an experienced team, and good post-operative care.


Abdominal stretching surgery ; It is a successful treatment method to prevent excess fat in the abdomen, sagging and skin problems. Abdominoplasty , which is a solution to abdominal problems that can be seen in both sexes, regardless of men or women, offers more effective solutions especially after the birth or pregnancy of women. Abdominoplasty, which is a kind of surgical operation, provides a flat appearance by removing the excess fat in the abdomen of the people.

How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

Before the tummy tuck surgery, radiological imaging is performed by the doctor, regarding which technique should be applied to the person. In order to remove the sagging, an incision is made from the cesarean section up to the navel, and the skin is stretched and the navel is reconstructed in the meantime. All surgical procedures performed are for the recovery of excess fat in the abdomen, and at the end of the operation, the incisions are closed with aesthetic stitches and the process is completed. After the operation, the bad image is corrected and the person looks straight and in line with his expectations. There is a possibility of recurrence in cases such as pregnancy or childbirth. While it should be done under general anesthesia, it is important that it is also under sterile conditions in the operating room environment. While these conditions are met , the patient is clearly informed about the prices of tummy tuck surgery .

How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take?

Since the operation is performed to remove excess fat in the abdomen, it has a period of time that varies from person to person. If a full tummy tuck is to be performed, it takes 3-3.5 hours, while in a person with a wide abdomen, this period may take up to 4 hours. In some people, if the abdomen area is small and the amount of fat to be removed is less than other people, the operation performed under the name of mini stretching is completed in 1-1.5 hours. Among the factors affecting the duration of the surgery; Whether or not to take fat, the wide abdomen, and the excess skin to be removed can be counted. Abdominal stretching surgery prices will also vary in this context.

Abdominoplasty Recovery Time

Patients related to the operation can be discharged after 1-2 days of hospitalization under expert control. Patients are recommended to wear a special corset for 1 month after tummy tuck surgery. The corset will be useful in terms of both the seams and the tummy. Pain for 3-4 days after surgery is considered normal and painkillers can be used. By taking a bath within 2-3 days after the surgery, enough recovery is achieved to be able to do daily work.

Before Abdominoplasty

There are some points to be considered before the tummy tuck surgery, and it will ensure a smooth preparation during the preparation phase. Smoking should be stopped 2 weeks before the operation and blood thinners should not be used. The recommendations of the specialist physician should be followed by avoiding heavy diet regimens. Clear information about tummy tuck surgery prices should be obtained during the pre-operative control.

Pregnancy After Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is not a procedure that prevents pregnancy or affecting the pregnancy process. The ideal time for tummy tuck procedures is after 1 year for the woman who gave birth. In cases such as getting pregnant and giving birth after the tummy tuck operation, the sagging that may occur in the abdomen will not create an image as bad as before.

Sexual Intercourse After Abdominoplasty

The recovery process after tummy tuck surgery is important. During this process, sexual intercourse is not recommended by experts. The reason for this is that the procedure is surgical. It is necessary to avoid situations that will cause difficulty and effort in surgical procedures.

When Does Edema After Abdominoplasty Go away?

As in every operation, there is a possibility of edema and redness in people after tummy tuck surgery. This edema and redness will be accepted as normal and will heal in a few days depending on the patient’s condition and will pass quickly.

After Abdominoplasty

After tummy tuck procedures, depending on the patient, returning to work and social life is within 3-4 days. The patient must follow the recommendations of the specialist physician and use a corset in order to show a rapid recovery. Edema that may occur after surgery is temporary. After the operation, a perfect appearance will be achieved within the expectations of the patient, and an abdomen will be freed from excess fat. Since abdominoplasty is a procedure performed under general anesthesia, it is absolutely necessary to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days and carry out the patient 3-4 hours later. Healing is achieved after 3-4 days and he/she will be able to do daily work on his/her own. Among the frequently asked questions, you can get clear information about the prices of tummy tuck surgery after the specialist doctor’s control.

Abdominoplasty Prices

Due to the wide variety of procedures performed in the operation, the prices of tummy tuck surgery also vary, and the Ministry of Health provides online surgery . prices are prohibited. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to make an appointment from a center and be examined by a specialist physician for the tummy tuck operation. What kind of treatment will be applied in the doctor’s examination and the person should determine the suitability for this surgery.

Edema After Abdominoplasty and All the Curiosities

The purpose of the tummy tuck operation is to correct the cracked appearance caused by weight gain and weight gain at birth. In the operation, the excess part of the sagging skin and the regional fat tissue that is difficult to recover are removed.

No matter what you do, some body types will stubbornly hold on to belly fat. This can cause you to feel bad psychologically and not be able to make peace with your body. Just because you are experiencing all these problems does not mean that you will live with them for the rest of your life. You can get rid of your belly fat, sagging skin problem and stretch marks with a tummy tuck operation. Remember that you are not helpless for any physical problem. With tummy tuck surgery, you can get rid of your troubles and return to your normal life in a short time. And much happier than before…

Is Abdominoplasty Possible with Smaller Incisions?

some cases, sagging muscles in the abdomen can also be repaired, depending on the need, in the tummy tuck operation . Doing these two together will help you achieve the longed-for flat stomach look. In addition, with the latest technologies developed in tummy tuck operations, it is possible to make fewer incisions to remove the fat in this area.

Where Should the Operation Be Performed? How Long Does It Take?

to be performed varies depending on the patient’s fat and muscle tissue, whether there is sagging on the skin, whether there is a cracked appearance or not. Accordingly, the duration of tummy tuck surgery may take up to 3-4 hours. The physician who will perform the operation must be an aesthetic surgeon and a specialist in the field. You do not have to worry about tummy tuck operations performed by a reliable and competent physician. On the other hand, when the operation is performed in a full-fledged hospital, the risks of complications can be minimized . As clinicandturkey, we are ready to assist you with the most successful hospitals and doctors in Istanbul.

When Does Edema After Abdominoplasty Go away?

Complications and risks that may occur after an operation are always present. Edema can also be considered as one of the complications seen after abdominoplasty . However, edema formation occurs as a reaction to the incision made in the body. Edema also causes swelling, but this is a normal process. After the fat removal process is completed and the operation is completed, silicone rods called drains are placed in the patient’s intra-abdominal region to reduce edema and accelerate recovery. Thanks to these, it is ensured that the collected blood is taken. In addition, by wearing a corset, it is ensured that the abdomen is recovered faster and the tissues adhere to each other. As a result of all this dedication, you will regain your health in a short time and you will feel great both physically and mentally. When the body starts to heal the surgical wounds, it is observed that the edema gradually decreases. In addition, this process can be overcome in the best way with drugs that reduce edema and help the incisions heal in a short time.

Is there a scar from the surgery, how long does it take?

There is a hidden surgical scar that will form at the incision site after the tummy tuck operation. This trace is planned to remain in the laundry. It disappears within 2 months at the latest. In addition, you can clear all the question marks in your mind by sharing all your fears and concerns about the surgery with your doctor.

Is it possible to stay in the hospital after the operation?

In order to rule out edema and any complications that may occur, it is ensured that the patient stays in the hospital for at least 1, if necessary, 2 days after the operation. In this process, follow-up is carried out and intervention can be performed quickly in any complication. At the end of this period, the patient is discharged and returned to normal life. Painkillers to be given for possible abdominal pain and feeling of tension will help reduce the complaints.

Is It Possible to Enter the Pool/Sea After Abdominoplasty?

Patients can have fun in the pool and on the beach in summer as they wish. For this, a period of 1 month is expected after the operation. Abdominoplasty if everything goes normal Afterwards, the patient gradually recovers and continues his daily life from where he left off.

Can I Have a Second Abdominoplasty?

One year after the first tummy tuck surgery, a second tummy tuck can be safely performed. However, in the second tummy tuck surgery, if you want to have your fat removed, very limited fat can be removed from the abdomen and waist region.

Second tummy tuck Since the area to be performed was removed from the floor in the surgery performed with the previous classical technique, blood circulation is below normal and corrosive procedures such as fat removal are not performed if possible.

Can I Get Pregnant After Abdominal Aesthetics?

It is appropriate to wait up to 1 year to have tummy tuck surgery after delivery. During this period, both the mother loses the weight she can lose and the degree of sagging and cracks is fully revealed.

Since the birth process is 9 months, even immediately after the operation, even if the patient becomes pregnant, she can easily give birth to her child after 9 months. However, a problem may arise in these patients.

Since a certain amount is removed from the abdominal region, the person may have more cracks and deformation after pregnancy. In this case, I recommend tummy tuck surgery for the second time.

What is a Mini Abdominoplasty?

In mini tummy tuck surgery, only the area just below the belly button is intervened.

In this region, it is preferred when there is less lubrication and sagging. Mini tummy tuck surgery has no effect on the waist or groin area of the body.

Usually liposuction It is applied in cases of small skin sagging that occurs after the excess fat removed by the operation. In other words, we can say that it is a second touch in aesthetic operations that cannot be removed only with liposuction.

Before mini abdominoplasty, the whole body is shaped with vaserlipo and the waist cavity is exposed and the upper abdomen is shaped.

With the limited incision in the groin area, the abdominal muscles are repaired and a tighter abdomen is created.

In this surgery, no changes are made in the location of the belly button . full tummy tuck Since it is applied in a smaller area compared to the surgery, the healing process is faster.

In which cases is a mini tummy tuck performed?

Mini tummy tuck The operation is generally applied to remove stubborn fat in the belly area that cannot be given with diet or exercises.

The most suitable patients for this operation are generally those who have excess or sagging just below the belly button after giving birth or losing weight. If the skin sagging is in a larger area and spreads over the belly button, full tummy tuck surgery can be performed.

Which anesthesia is applied?

Mini tummy tuck Surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or under heavy local anesthesia. Generally general anesthesia is preferred.

How long does the surgery take?

The operation takes about 1-2 hours. If a combined operation with liposuction is to be performed, the time may be slightly longer.

Will it hurt a lot?

The patient feels pain at a minimum level with the effect of anesthesia given during the operation and local anesthesia applied to the abdominal wall and incision sites during the operation.

What is the post-surgery process like?

In the post-operative period, a resistor is placed on the patient. Depending on the patient’s condition, the resistance may remain for a few days. The patient can take a shower 1 day after removing the drain. Afterwards, the patient is dressed in a special corset .

Are the results of the surgery permanent?

The results of the mini tummy tuck surgery are mostly permanent. This situation is directly proportional to the post-operative life of the patient. Some stretching and sagging of the lower part may occur during excessive weight gain or loss or a post-operative delivery. However, sagging is not expected as much as before the surgery.

Can I get pregnant after a mini tummy tuck?

Yes, there is no harm in getting pregnant after the operation. However, surgery is not recommended for patients who are considering getting pregnant in a short time. Because during pregnancy, it is inevitable that there will be enlargement and abundance in the abdominal region.

What Causes a Saggy Abdominal Appearance?

The anterior abdominal wall holds the muscles that make the abdominal region appear flat. However, in case of excessive lubrication, tearing occurs in the tissues present between these muscles. Depending on the tear, the muscles that keep the abdomen flat begin to separate.

With the application of the pushing force of the internal organs, the abdominal region turns outward. With the weight of the existing adipose tissue, the appearance of sagging in the abdomen appears. Permanent sagging may also occur after pregnancy.

stretching surgery in cases where sagging in the abdomen cannot be given with diet or sports recommended. With this operation, the excess skin is removed by making a surgical incision from the area called the bikini line and an aesthetic appearance is obtained.

How is the tummy tuck operation performed after bariatric surgery?

After the bariatric surgery operation, we are entering a period in which patients experience a high amount of physical weight loss and lose weight rapidly. This is a period in which the desired results are expected to be obtained. However, although it is pleasing for the patients who have undergone the operation, high and rapid weight loss brings sagging skin tissue. When the weight loss gradually slows down, that is, when the ideal and targeted weights are reached, we are faced with patients who have weakened but who have experienced sagging problems. At this point, aesthetic and plastic surgery operations, which we can see as the last recovery part of the treatment carried out with bariatric surgery, come into play. After a successful bariatric surgery, we create a recovery program specific to the patient’s condition by identifying the weakened but sagging and collapsed facial and body areas. Abdominoplasty is an operation that we absolutely need, and we plan and perform other operations along with it.


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