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Sapphire hair transplant or the classic FUE method: which one is better?

The hair transplant industry is becoming more and more innovative. Ever since hair transplants were first mentioned medically in 1939, new ideas and technologies have continually emerged that have made the treatment even more effective.

One of the best-known examples in recent years was the development of the FUE Saphir method, which is based on normal Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) . However, the sapphire method uses very special sapphire blades instead of steel blades to open the hair canals.

How exactly does the treatment work? How does it compare to classic FUE and what are its advantages? With this article we would like to shed a little more light on the darkness and compare both methods so that you get a better overview.

What was the FUE method again and how does it work?

The FUE method is the most popular and widely used method of hair transplantation. Individual hair root groups, which usually consist of 1-4 hairs, are transplanted from one part of the body to another. Most commonly this is done with the hair on the sides or back of the head, which is then transplanted onto the top of the head.

Follicular units harvested from the back or sides of the head, known as the donor area, are thought to be resistant to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is widely believed to be the cause of hair loss. Once transplanted to the top of the head, also known as the recipient area, these hair follicles retain their resistance to DHT, preventing them from falling out in the future. Because of this, hair transplantation is considered a long-lasting procedure, however longevity can vary from patient to patient.

An important step of the OP is the creation of so-called channels. Essentially, these are small incisions in the recipient area, into which the removed follicular units are then implanted. These channels help determine the angle, direction, and density of new hair growth after treatment. The follicular units are inserted into them one at a time for the most natural looking result possible.

What is a sapphire hair transplant?

Despite the already great success, the classic FUE method is constantly evolving. Thanks to the latest innovations, the so-called FUE sapphire method has been made possible in recent years – this is not a completely new technique, but a further development of the existing FUE method.

A sapphire hair transplant is performed in the same way as an ordinary FUE hair transplant. The difference between the two lies in the blade used during the creation of the hair canals. While the classic FUE method uses steel blades for this process, the FUE sapphire method, as the name suggests, is carried out with sapphire blades. Sapphire blades are made from the precious gemstone that gives them their name and are known for their sharpness, smoothness and durability. These properties allow the surgeon to create what are known as microchannels – essentially smaller, more precise incisions in the recipient area.

This is essential as creating the hair canals is the most important step in hair transplantation. As previously mentioned, the nature of these channels created plays a role in determining the density, angle, and direction of new hair growth. The ability to create smaller and more precise channels with a sapphire blade can produce more natural results than is possible with a traditional steel blade.

What are the advantages of a sapphire hair transplant?

The introduction of sapphire blades in 2016 helped revolutionize FUE hair transplantation. We now want to take a closer look at the exact advantages associated with the Saphir FUE method.

  1. A lower risk of complications after surgery

Although the occurrence of postoperative complications after a standard FUE hair transplant is relatively low, the FUE Saphir method reduces this risk even more. Traditional steel blades used in classic FUE surgeries become dull and less efficient over time, which can lead to tissue damage during canal creation. Sapphire blades, on the other hand, are much sharper to begin with and can retain that sharpness for longer. This reduces the risk of tissue damage while minimizing scabbing. A sapphire blade also contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which helps reduce the risk of infection during the procedure.

  1. A natural looking result

The FUE method is known for its natural looking results. However, the FUE sapphire method goes one step further: thanks to the versatility of a sapphire blade, the surgeon is able to create more accurate and precise microchannels. The transplanted grafts can then be placed at natural angles and directions for a more seamless appearance overall. After the operation, the new hair continues to grow in the angles and directions set by the micro-channels, allowing for an extremely natural-looking result.

  1. Even more density

The development of the sapphire hair transplant method has made the surgery accessible to those who otherwise would not have been an option. Because of the smaller shape and sharper tip of the sapphire blade, surgeons are able to create more microchannels in the recipient area. This allows the transplanted follicular units to be placed closer together, eventually resulting in greater density when hair growth begins. This significantly increases the chances of a successful hair transplant for people with advanced hair loss.

  1. The preservation of hair follicles

Because sapphire blades work narrower and more precisely than a steel blade, your hair surgeon is able to create exactly the incision length needed for your hair follicles. This also reduces the risk that the transplanted follicles will have too much leeway and be able to move freely.

  1. Also suitable for allergies to metal

Although this only applies to a small proportion of hair transplant candidates, it is an important advantage of sapphire hair transplant. Sapphire blades are suitable for people who are allergic to nickel, steel or other metal materials. This has made the FUE Sapphire Method a practical option for those individuals who would otherwise have to forgo the treatment.


Innovative alternative: Sapphire FUE method

Not only the Saphir FUE method has revolutionized the hair transplant industry. A second innovative method, also known as FUE Diamond Technique, also offers more precision and accuracy in performing the procedure. As the name suggests, this method is performed using special diamond blades. Due to sapphire’s natural, solid structure, diamond blades offer the surgeon even greater precision, allowing them to make smaller and more accurate incisions during canal formation. Similar to sapphire blades, diamond blades also have antibacterial properties and can produce more natural results than traditional steel blades.

FUE Sapphire Method and FUE Diamond Method: Popular doctors and clinics

Sapphire hair transplants are now offered in a number of high-quality clinics worldwide. However, one of the most popular locations for treatment is Turkey . Thanks to the renowned specialists, state-of-the-art facilities and affordable prices , it is not difficult to understand why Turkey is such a popular hair transplant hotspot.

Very experienced hair transplant surgeon Clinic and Turkey is one of the most prominent specialists in Turkey who performs sapphire hair transplant.

Those who want to undergo the Sapphiret FUE method will find high quality and affordable options in Turkey. One of the most reputable clinics offering this treatment is the Clinic and Turkey in İstanbul. Located in the heart of Turkey, First Hair is known for the combination of the latest techniques, highly experienced doctors and competitive prices.

What’s the best way to go about it?

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