Uz. Dr. Refik Bilgin

Education Information

Faculty of Medicine: Dokuz Eylul University, 2007

Specialization: Nuclear Medicine, Istanbul Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, 2013

Professional Experience : Start of Service: 09 2009

 Diseases of Interest

  • Kidney Scintigraphy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Bone Scintigraphy
  • Hyperthyroidism (Toxic Goiter, Excess Thyroid Hormone)
  • Scintigraphic Treatments
  • Nuclear Oncology
  • Renal Outlet Stenosis (Ureteropelvic Junction Stenosis)
  • PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography)
  • Lung Perfusion Scintigraphy


  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cancer imaging cancer detection
  • Asthma Disease Ozone Treatment
  • Radioiodine (atom) therapy in hyperthyroidism
  • SSPE