Beard Hair Transplantation

Which is a solution for the bread that spoils the aesthetic appearance of the men which causes rare beards or abnormal beards for various reasons has become possible in parallel with the developments in hair transplantation and is applied extensively in our clinic.

The methods are similar in bread transplantation as in hair transplantation. In our clinic, beard transplantation is performed by FUE method.

As with hair transplantation after bread transplantation, it is necessary to be careful. Planted roots are very sensitive to trauma and can be shed with small contacts. Beards are more risky in terms of trauma than hair. Especially the first 3 days are very important. It is necessary to lie on your back to avoid the pillow contact. It should not be shaved for two weeks. It can then be shaved with suitable blades. Because the skin of the face is more sensitive; Although side effects such as redness, bruising and acne are common, they are temporary.

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